What our pupils say about bullying and behaviour at BT

Pupil Comments

Members of our School Council have written their own guide for pupils all about behaviour at our school. (See bottom of this page 'What our Pupils say' pdf.)

Our 'Value Beads'(see photo) reinforce our Christian values in everyday life around the school.

"We don't tolerate racism because it could make people so unhappy and last a lifetime" (Year 5 pupil)

"You never bully anyone because they'll go home feeling sad so don't do it!" (Year 4 pupil)

"You earn your own pride by doing your best." (Year 6 pupil)


What our pupils say about the BT Curriculum:

"I love doing computing at school because you can find out how to use a turtle, make a website and program devices." [Y5 pupil]

"Every time we do ICT we learn new stuff. I really like it and I get it." [Y5 pupil]

"At first I thought Computing was going to be really hard but it turned out I could actually do it. I made a website about Saxons!" [Y5 pupil]

"I just love literacy especially writing because our teacher gives us advice and we include it so our work gets better." [Y5 pupil]