Class Page for Reception

We all enjoyed our families staying and playing before we broke up for half term; it was lots of fun! Don’t forget to mark the next stay and play dates in your diary.

Thank you to everyone for decorating the home-activity books, they look brilliant! We have enjoyed looking at the activities you have completed at home so far so keep up the hard work.

This half term...

We have started this half term learning all about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night.  We have made firework inspired paintings both independently and with Mrs Dixon.


Our topic has taken a focus on hibernating animals, an interest that began when we heard all about Louisa’s tortoises getting ready to hibernate.  We wanted to know what other animals hibernate and have discussed frogs, ladybirds, snails, hedgehogs, bears and bats. In groups we were challenged to make a home for a hedgehog and looked all around the school field and Spinney to find suitable resources for a cosy home. 

We have been developing our skills in Expressive Art and Design, using the workshop to select the resources we need to make models for hibernating animals and have also linked this to our writing, using the sounds we can hear to spell the words we wanted to write.  We will continue learning about hibernating animals, looking specifically at bears.  We will read ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ and link our learning to this in many areas – acting out the story; writing about the setting; making collages etc.  We will enjoy sharing different stories based on settings in the forest and woodlands, so if you have a story you would like the class to hear, please bring it in for our story-snack time.

We will soon be starting our whole school programme on Protective Behaviours and will be focusing on how to look after ourselves too. We will be learning how to keep healthy (sleeping, exercising, eating healthy foods, keeping clean) and complete many activities and circle time discussions about this.  All families should have received lots of information about Protective Behaviours, please let the office know if you haven’t received them.

In maths we will be learning:


-          one more and one less than a number to 20

-          positional language – over, under, through, between etc

-          height

-          weight

-          strategies to add two groups



Please click here to listen to how sounds are pronounced.

Please click here to find out more hints and tips to help your child with reading and writing.


Please follow this link to view our letter about routines and the dates for your diary.

How you can help your child at home:

-talk to your child about the morning routine (putting folders and drinks in the boxes and choosing lunch bands when they first come into school each morning)
-help your child to find where their name is written in their coats and jumpers/cardigans
-show them how to pack up their school bag to help keep belongings safe and organised 

-sing nursery rhymes and songs
-record reading in the reading diaries 
-talk about school and the learning during each day (encourage your child to share what they have been doing during the day)
-share stories together, take turns to read, use different voices and facial expressions
-look out for 2D shapes when out and about
-talk about our Christian values in day to day activities at home, praising them for persevering, teamwork, responsibility etc
-point out different numbers and letters in the environment
-visit the library to choose a book together
-talk about how to keep healthy (importance of washing hands, eating well and drinking water during the school day)
-enjoy visiting the different links below to support learning


Games to play:

Counting with teddies >>>

Number songs

- Once I caught a fish alive >>>

- Five little ducks >>>

- Five litte speckled frogs >>>

count with lecky  compare and order     dress lecky


Phoneme pop >>>

Alphablocks >>> 

initial sounds    pick a pictureburied treasure


making at the workshop4making at the workshop3making at the workshop1making at the workshop2firework art2hedgehog homes4hedgehog homes3rangoli2rangoli1rangoli3repeating patterns1repeating patterns2repeating patterns3putting on a showbuilding a cottageget away vehicleadding music to storiesbilly goats gruff1harvest 1harvest3harvest 2harvesting beanstoad1toad2home cornerhome corner 2making music 2making music 1looking for bugs1imaginationbalancingtalking about shadowsorchard 1finding worms 2harvesting fruit 2harvesting fruiteating the fruit