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Spring Term in Reception

It was lovely to see everyone so happy walking into school this week, excited to see all their friends and sharing their new experiences.

It has been a cold but very busy start to the term. As well as finding out what everyone has been enjoying  over the holidays we have also been writing about it, trying hard to use our sounds and tricky words learned last term. We've also been braving the cold outside and exploring the ice, even making cold ice soup! Brr!

Following the children's interest, our topic this half term will be all about Space.  We have begun by reading the story 'Whatever Next' written by Jill Murphy and have been using our imagination like Baby Bear in our new role-play corner.  

As part of this topic we will first identify what we already know about space and then make a list of what we would like to find out.  We will be learning to ask different types of questions in order to find out facts and information, and will be using information books and computers to help us find the answers.  We will practise using our sounds to write about what we have found out along the way.

In phonics we are continuing to learn the next set of sounds (please see the home-sound book and activity book for details) which includes many digraphs and trigraphs as well as the next set of 'red (tricky) words'. During our phonics lessons we practise reading words using our Fred Talk and we do this individually or with a talk partner. We will be learning to help each other and teach our friends which will in turn build confidence and a 'can-do' attitude towards reading. We will play lots of games with Fred the Frog and on the iPads and will apply what we know on whiteboards and in our writing books.  Any practise of letter formation at home would be extremely beneficial - please see the handwriting rhyme sheet we have sent home previously to support your child with this.

* Please remember to record any reading in your child's reading record as this really helps us to see how they are getting on at home.*

In maths we will not only be counting backwards to zero (then blast off!) but will be learning to count accurately over 20 and also in a pattern of 2's.  Some of the other areas we will focus on are:

-Height: learning to use comparative language to describe how tall or short an object is. We have started to compare our own height with our talk partner, finding out who is taller/shorter and will explore the classroom to compare the heights of different objects with our 1m rocket!
-3D shapes: learning the names and properties of 3D shapes in the environment around us and will be learning to understand the differences between these and 2D shapes.  
-Numicon: explore the Numicon resource to help us understand the concept of number and pattern.
-Number bonds to 10: finding out which two numbers go together to make a total of 10. We will use our fingers, sing songs and identify patterns with Numicon. Try this cool game here >>>
-Money: counting out pennies to pay for different items and looking at the different shapes/colours/values of each coin. We will also begin to identify a combination of coins to make different totals e.g. 5p+5p=10p or 2p+2p+2p+2p+2p=10p.

As part of our Space topic we will be learning to build 3D models with recycled materials, developing our ability to join and assemble, as well as using our imagination to add lots of details.  We will evaluate our work as a class, discussing how things are made, what we found tricky and what we could do next time to make the model even better in order to develop our critical and creative thinking.

You should now have received a letter about our exciting visit of The Black Hole Planetarium at the end of the term.  Within the dome, the children will experience the night sky and stories relating to the planets and our Solar System, something very memorable for them and to consolidate all what they have learned.


If you would like to speak to us about any area of learning in Reception then please just pop in and see us.


Please click here to listen to how sounds are pronounced.

Please click here to find out more hints and tips to help your child with reading and writing.

Please follow this link to view our letter about routines and the dates for your diary.

How you can help your child at home:

-talk to your child about the morning routine (putting folders and drinks in the boxes and choosing lunch bands when they first come into school each morning)
-help your child to find where their name is written in their coats and jumpers/cardigans
-show them how to pack up their school bag to help keep belongings safe and organised 

-sing nursery rhymes and songs
-record reading in the reading diaries 
-talk about school and the learning during each day (encourage your child to share what they have been doing during the day)
-share stories together, take turns to read, use different voices and facial expressions
-look out for 2D and 3D shapes when out and about
-talk about our Christian values in day to day activities at home, praising them for persevering, teamwork, responsibility etc
-point out different numbers and letters in the environment
-visit the library to choose a book together
-talk about how to keep healthy (importance of washing hands, eating well and drinking water during the school day)
-enjoy visiting the different links below to support learning

Games to play:

Counting in 2's >>>

Practise subtraction - rabbit take away game >>>

Save the Whale - number bonds to 10 >>>

Guess the 2D shape >>>

Guess the 3D shape >>>

Counting with teddies >>>

count with lecky  compare and order     dress lecky


Alphablocks >>> 

t-rex    dinosaur eggs   phoneme pop


initial sounds    pick a pictureburied treasure


collecting the snowsnow kitchenmaking snow muffinssnow cakesspace display1space display 2space display 3exploring shadows1exploring shadows2exploring shadows3counting in 2sfire enginesmall world explorationspace travel agents2space travel agentsspace roleplay1jetpack1rocket1rocket2jetpack2making signslego constructionspecial books2special books 3special books1measuringconstructing and buildingexploring numiconnumiconordering numiconeating alien biscuits1decorating biscuitseating biscuits2learning on ipadsmaking at the workshop4making at the workshop3making at the workshop1making at the workshop2firework art2hedgehog homes4hedgehog homes3rangoli2rangoli1rangoli3repeating patterns1repeating patterns2repeating patterns3putting on a showbuilding a cottageget away vehicleadding music to storiesbilly goats gruff1harvest 1harvest3harvest 2harvesting beanstoad1toad2home cornerhome corner 2making music 2making music 1looking for bugs1imaginationbalancingtalking about shadowsorchard 1finding worms 2harvesting fruit 2harvesting fruiteating the fruit