Student Council

Our Student Council is elected by a democratic vote in each class.  The student councillors meet regularly to provide opinions and ideas which help the Head Teacher, school staff, school governors, parish councillors and even local house builders reach decisions that take account of what the pupils themselves think. Our Student Council has twice in recent years been instrumental in persuading local housing developers which street names to adopt.

Our Council 2017-18

The Student Councillors this year will very soon be announced here.


The Student Council has already made a splash with their choice of designs for the newly repainted playground.

The Student Council regularly helps the staff make choices about appropriate rewards for each treat. Details can be found in our Behaviour Policy Leaflet.

The Student Council has also met with some of the governors who wanted pupils' ideas about the Sports Grant spending in the school. This helped the Head Teacher and governors make a decision which will affect everyone in the future with new playground markings to engage everyone in staying fit, active and busy at playtimes.

The Student Council also consults with other decision makers. The children  have met with parish councillors to explain their ideas for a bid the parish is making to obtain funds to provide new play equipment elsewhere in the parish. 

If you have an idea about how our school can be even better, just speak to your class representative.