Year 1

Class Page for Year 1

Welcome back to Year 1 for the Spring Term. 

Year One will be involved in many new topics and activities this term.  

We have enjoyed making fruit salad in Design Technology and this term the children will continue this topic further, choosing their own types of fruit and creating a fruit salad according to their own criteria. They will then evaluate the fruit salad they have made and may even ask to make one at home.

The children will also be working on the skills to make moving pictures. We will be making characters from our favourite traditional stories and using split pins and levers to make parts of these move.

In History, we will be looking at old toys and comparing these with present day toys. As part of this we will focus on the materials toys are made from, the Year 1 Science topic is 'What's it made of?'- finding out about everyday materials and their physical properties.

Our Maths includes the following: 

place value up to 100 and beyond

addition and subtraction number bonds

1 or 10 more or less using numbers to 100

money for shopping activities including giving change

comparing and measuring weight, length and capacity, kg, g

doubling and halving

making and using pictograms

multiples including 2s, 5s and 10s

multiplication and division.

In English, Year 1 will be writing traditional tales as well as reports for non-fiction topics. The focus is on writing in sentences using connectives and a variety of sentence openers and time connectives such as 'Once upon a time', 'One day, 'Suddenly', 'After that'and 'Finally'. The children work on their handwriting skills daily. Guided reading occurs in groups where the children read a variety of texts and focus on the sounds they are learning and on their comprehension skills. There is a daily ‘Letters and sounds’ focus. Home reading continues to be a very important activity for the children and enables the children's progress to be quick in learning fluency, blending sounds and in comprehension.

We have been studying maps of the United Kingdom to find countries, capital cities and names of seas. We will continue to look at the UK and find out about the village of Bishops Tachbrook in Geography.

Your child will continue to bring home a range of homework activities in his/her homework book, spelling and reading. Spelling tests will take place every Friday and it is most helpful to your child if the words are practised at least 3 or 4 times a week to enable your child to make progress. Please see the enclosed information about home reading in the document below.

Maths games that we use in Year 1 can be found here.

For Year 1 English games click here.

Click here for a useful website about old and new toys.

If you  need to contact myself, please use the email address below and a reply will be sent as soon as possible.