Year 1

Class Page for Year 1

This term we will be covering a range of fiction and non-fiction texts in English. We will be focusiing on developing our phonic knowledge and using this to write simple sentences and read longer words. We will be working hard on the correct formation of lower case letters.  Guided reading will take place in groups, focusing on sounding out, blending and comprehension of what has been read.

Please hear your child read at least three times per week.  Asking questions about what your child has read is also important to develop comprehension skills.

In Maths the children are developing their knowledge of numbers to 20 and beyond. This will include counting forwards and backwards, adding and subtracting and using money in these operations. As well as this we will be working on knowledge of shape and measuring.

In Science our topic is 'Push me, pull you'. We will be investigating the forces of push and pull and investigating how different vehicles and toys move.  We will be making observations and asking questions.  Year 1 will also find out the features of each season, recording the temperature and looking at changes around us.

We will be using our ICT as part of our English, Maths and topic work as well as learning to log on to a computer and use the ipads.

The R.E. topic we are covering is called 'How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times?'

In Geography our topic is based on a study of the local area, making simple maps and observing features of the environment. The children will also find out about exploration of other areas of the world in History. They will find out about exploration of the South Pole 100 years ago and the first landing on the moon.

The children have responsibilities to carry out during the year in Year 1.

They are as follows:

School councillors : Daniel and Ellie

Class ambassadors: Sachin and Isabelle

Sports : Isaac and Louisa

ICT: Albert and Sienna

To find a useful website to support Year 1 Maths click here.

Reading in Year 1

Please hear your child read at least three times per week.

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