Year 2

Class Page for Year 2

 LaughingWelcome to Year 2!

We are really impressed with how the class have settled into the routines and high expectations of Year 2. They are quickly grasping the importance of becoming an independent learner and staying focused to create their best work.  Each child has been given a class responsibility to further encourage their independence and confidence, as well as some of them being elected to these positions:

Class Ambassadors: Rhian and Dylan

Student Council Members: Gerry and Kaiya

Eco Rangers: Jacob and Isabella

On-Line Safety Officers: Chloe R and Alby

Sports Council Representatives: Oliver and Aika

This term in English we are looking at comprehension skills and how we can improve our understanding of what we have read.  We are practising finding specific details within the text and answering questions about characters and what has happened.

Grammar is an important aspect of the Year 2 curriculum so we have been discussing nouns this week and will be finding out about verbs and adjectives over the coming weeks.  The children need to know that a proper noun starts with a capital letter as it names a specific thing.

Click here for an explanation about proper nouns.

Ssssh! Secret website mission – Can you bring in a list of proper nouns?  Three places, three people and three events.  Eg. Warwick, Mr Brettell and Christmas Fete.

We have also been looking at synonyms to help expand the children’s vocabulary.

Ssssh! Secret website mission – Can you bring in a list of synonyms (words that mean the same, eg big, gigantic, vast) for “went”?  There’s another house point reward if you complete this secret mission!

In Mathematics we have been finding out about 2D shapes and their properties.  Don’t forget to practise your shape names and spellings and even more importantly their properties (Square = 4 straight sides, 4 corners, and all the sides are equal length). You will soon have a colourful shape sheet in your homework folder to display in your house to help you learn these.

Then we will be moving on to 3D shapes (e.g. spheres, triangular based prisms and cuboids) and handling data, including learning about tallies and pictograms.

Shhhh!  Secret website mission - Can you do a shape hunt at home and photograph different polygons and quadrilaterals for a house point?

Here are lots of Maths shape games to try: 

We are asking the children to revisit their times tables (2x, 5x, 10x) which they should know from Year 1.  We will be doing weekly times table tests, so please encourage your child to practise these a lot.  One idea we have shared with the children is to use stairs to practise saying multiples.  2,4,6,8  as you go up and down.

We will also be revisiting number bonds (two numbers which total ten eg.  4+6 or twenty eg. 17+3 or one hundred eg. 46 + 54) and partitioning numbers into tens and units (78= 70 + 8 or 7 tens and 8 units). 

In the afternoons we are learning about Materials.  Our topic is titled “What’s wrong with a table made of jelly?” to encourage the children to work out why certain materials are used for different purposes.  We will find out whether materials are natural (like wood and wool) or man-made (like plastic and glass).  Please can you spend some time talking about or finding out about where different materials come from, eg. leather is made from animal skin?  We are also looking at how some materials are changed when heated or cooled, eg. bread into toast and water into ice cubes.

Ssssh! Secret website mission – Take some photos for the Science display of you investigating some of these changes.

Our next topic in the afternoon will be ‘How could you survive on the moon?’ where we will be looking at what animals, including humans, need to live, grow and reproduce.

Ssssh! Secret website mission for a housepoint! – Can you make a list of animals and the names of their babies eg. Dog + puppies? 

Next half term ‘Our World’ will be the theme for our Geography topic.  We will be using atlases and Google Earth to learn about the continents and oceans on our planet.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are when we try hard to fit in Show and Tell. We love hearing the children explain the new things they have learnt or discovered, such as dance certificates or natural items.  It is essential that children are able to give a couple of facts about what they are showing to improve their speaking and listening skills, so please ask your child what they will tell the rest of the class as a practice. 

Just a reminder, spellings are set every Monday and are tested the following Monday, this is enough time for you and your child to have a practise, use Look Cover Write Check techniques and maybe even a practice test.  English and Maths homework is set every week on a Friday and needs to be returned no later than the following Thursday. 

Please remember reading folders must be in every day as books are changed on a Monday and reading diaries are checked throughout the week.  If your child finishes their reading books before the Monday change day, please choose a book of their choice to read and record in their reading diary.  Choosing their own reading book is an important part of the new curriculum where children are expected to read for pleasure. 

Our library session is on a Friday; please return all books even if your child wishes to renew it.

Do you have any spare time on a Monday at 9-9.45am to help with small group reading or Thursday 2.45-3.15pm to listen to individual children read?  If yes, please pop in to see us!

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Rhodes 

If you need to contact us, here are our email addresses.  Don't worry about remembering who is teaching that day, we will check them both!