Year 3

Class Page for Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

I hope you had a great summer and are fully refreshed and ready for work. I am looking forward to working with you all this year. Mrs Potter.

Look out for secret website missions. You might get extra house points for them.


We are starting off the year by looking at place value. We will complete several activities around this looking at partitioning numbers, writing numbers in words and digits, ordering and comparing numbers, finding 10/100 more and less than an amount and counting up in intervals of 4, 8, 50, 100 starting from 0. We will then move on to recap our knowledge and skills, whilst beginning to develop our Year 3 methods, on addition and subtraction.

Secret website mission: What is 20 more than 3589?

Place value game

adding game


We will start the term by looking at books by Roald Dahl. During this topic we will explore extracts from a variety of his books. We will also try and write our own new chapter to The Twits. Instructions and explanations will be our next topic. We will look at the features of these types of texts and we will use our skills to write our own instructions and explanations. We will then end the half term with image poetry. We will read out loud poems that create images in our heads and that are presented as images. We will then practise our drama skills to perform these.


Our Science topic is called ‘Funnybones’. We will explore nutrition and being healthy. This will include looking at the 5 food groups and thinking about healthy foods and eating in moderation. We will investigate the effect of bad food on our bodies. We will also look at our skeleton and what it is made of and how it helps us. This will  include us looking at our muscles and how they help us to move. We will then look into the animal world and explore animals with and without skeletons.

Religious Education

Our RE topic for this half term will be all about ‘caring for others’. We will focus on the Sikh and Christian religions and look into how they support their local communities.


Our topic this term is all about ‘The First Britons’. We will explore from the early Stone Age right the way through to the end of the Iron Age and the very beginning of the Romans. We will find answers to questions such as: How long ago was the Stone Age? Who lived in the Stone Age? What did they do for jobs? What did they eat? Where did they live? Did they travel? How did they build? Why were they called the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages? This topic will include a class field trip to a Neolithic stone circle.

Secret website mission: What were early palaeolithic humans called?

Information on The Stone Age

Design and Technology

Our DT topic is food technology this term. This will be linked to our Science where we will look into the 5 main food groups and what and why we need to eat more or less of certain types of foods. We will end the unit by making our own healthy pizzas.

Secret website mission: What are the 5 main food groups?


We will be turning into computer engineers to begin with. We will explore: the cables attached to the computer, internet connections, data travelling and internet safety.


We will begin our brass music lessons this half term and will carry on with these until February half term. Watch out for letters inviting you to mini concerts.


We will be looking at New Beginnings. This will include thinking about how we have helped someone in their new beginning and how we cope with emotions during new times.


The children will begin weekly French lessons and will learn many words and phrases over the coming weeks. They will eventually be able to translate simple phrases and paragraphs from French to English and vice versa.

Secret website mission: Count to 10 in French.

Learning French


The children will be practising their skills of throwing and catching, controlling the ball with their feet, controlling the ball with an object and using these skills in a game. There are so many games that involve good ball skills and hand eye coordination and practice makes perfect.

Children MUST make sure they bring the appropriate P.E. kit.

Indoor: pumps, shorts, t-shirt.

Outdoor: (depending on weather) warm jumper, t-shirt, trousers, shorts, trainers – pumps are not suitable for outdoor sports.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on the e-mail below should you have anything to share or discuss.

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