Year 3

Class Page for Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

Welcome to the Spring Term.

Look out for secret website missions. You might get extra house points for them.


This half term we will focus on multiplication, division and fractions. We will practise our grid method for multiplication and bus stop for dividing. We will multiply and divide in several different ways to ensure we are fluent. We will then tackle problems involving what we have learnt to ensure we can reason and problem solve. Our fraction work will allow us to recognise equivalent fractions as well as add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.

Secret website mission: How quickly can you write down your 4 times tables? Try it in a mixed up order.

Place value game


We will start the term by continuing with letters. We will write our own formal letter thinking about the layout they take. We will then move on to look at different styles of poetry like limericks, haikus and acrostic poems. We will look at lots of different styles and then write our own on a particular style. Myths and legends will then be our next topic where we will read, act out and perform a myth. We will then write a sequel to a myth. Next we will look at recounts and how these are structured and the type of language they use. We will also write our own recount. To end the term we will look at non-chronological reports. This will lead us to writing our own newspaper report


Our Science topics will include exploring sound and plants. Included in our sound topic we will identify how we hear sounds and how they travel. We will also explore pitch and volume of sound and the difference in sound waves when these things change. In our plants topic we will be looking into why plants have leaves, stems and roots and the things they need to grow. We will explore what happens if a plant doesn’t have one of those things. We will investigate how water is transported in plants by completing a little experiment. We will also look at plant reproduction and will explore pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.

Secret website mission: What do we use to hear sound?

Religious Education

Our RE topic for this half term will be all about ‘A fair world’. This unit looks at the inequalities that are apparent in the world around us caused by phenomena such as climate, economic issues, war and disaster.  It raises the question of whose responsibility it is to work for justice, looking at the work of governments, non-government organizations and international agencies as well as individuals.  The religious content focuses on the work of Christian and Hindu charities and their supporters, and the motivation which comes from religious teaching.  Finally, pupils are challenged to consider whether they too have a role in helping to create a fairer world.


We will continue with our topic on Volcanoes. We will explore the make-up of a volcano and where they are in the world. We will identify where in the world the most volcanoes are and what happens when a volcano erupts. The topic will lead us to explore two European areas that have been affected by volcanoes. We will research Iceland and Pompeii in Italy. After this we will learn all about Exciting Egyptians. We will explore all aspects of Ancient Egypt beginning with when it all began and how it developed by looking at a time line. We will discover how they wrote, what their jobs were, how they dressed, their religion, what they ate and mummification. During the topic we will have a history day in school where we will be Egyptians for the day.

Secret website mission: Can you recall a fact about Iceland? 

Design and Technology 

Our DT topic this term will lead us to look at mechanisms and levers. We will link this to our upcoming topic of Egyptians.


We will be using Scratch and Textease Turtle to complete a project on programming and debugging.

Here is the link to have a go at Scratch at home.

Click here to know how to make lots of shapes in scratch.

Click here to have a go at debugging Pong.


We will carry on with our brass music lessons until February half term. Watch out for letters inviting you to mini concerts.


We will be looking at ‘Going for Goals’. We will make a goal for ourselves to reach and simple steps to help us to get there. We will also look at ourselves as learners and what we can use around us to support our learning.


The children will continue their weekly French lessons and will learn many words and phrases over the coming weeks. They will eventually be able to translate simple phrases and paragraphs from French to English and vice versa.

Secret website mission: Can you remember how to say your age in French?

Learning French


We will explore gymnastics this term. We will look at balances, rolls and travelling. We will use mats to begin with and then will do this all on equipment.

Children MUST make sure they bring the appropriate P.E. kit.

Indoor: pumps, shorts, t-shirt.

Outdoor: (depending on weather) warm jumper, t-shirt, trousers, shorts, trainers – pumps are not suitable for outdoor sports.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on the e-mail below should you have anything to share or discuss.