Year 3

Class Page for Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

We have had a great first half term. Below is what we will be up to between now and Christmas.

Look out for secret website missions. You might get extra house points for them.


This half term we will focus on additon and subtraction. We will practice adding and subtracting amounts of units, tens and hundreds mentally and through partitioned column method. We will do this in several different ways to ensure we are fluent. We will then tackle problems involving what we have learnt to ensure we can reason and problem solve.

Secret website mission: Why do we always have to start with the units when adding?

Place value game

adding game


We will continue our poem work this half term by looking at shape poems, features of poetry and performing poems. With this half term being full of special festivals for every religion we will look at cultural stories and explore their meaning. We will then rewrite a cultural story of our own. We will also use these special festivals to complete some non-fiction writing. To end the term we will look at formal and informal letters and will write to the big man himself!


Our science topic is all about rocks this half term. We will be looking at the different types of rocks and how they are made. We will then look at the properties of rocks and how these lead us to use them for certain jobs. Our investigation will look at chemical erosion on different types of rocks. We will do this by using carbonated water and rock samples to see the effect it has on a type of rock.

Religious Education

Our RE topic for this half term will be all about ‘People worth celebrating’. The children will look at the people in their lives that they look up to and respect as their heroes. We will then explore the heroes in other religions such as Rama and Sita and Jesus.


Our topic this term is Violent Volcanoes. We will explore the make-up of a volcano and where they are in the world. We will identify where in the world the most volcanoes are and what happens when a volcano erupts. The topic will lead us to explore two European areas that have been affected by volcanoes. We will research Iceland and Pompeii in Italy. 

Secret website mission: Can you name somewhere where there is a volcano? 

Volcano information

More volcano information

Design and Technology 

Our DT topic is food technology this term. This will be linked to our Science where we will look into the 5 main food groups and what and why we need to eat more or less of certain types of foods. We will end the unit by making our own healthy pizzas.


We will be using i-movie to create our very own news report. We will explore how the news is made and the different things you need to include.


We will begin our brass music lessons this half term and will carry on with these until February half term. Watch out for letters inviting you to mini concerts.


We will be looking at getting on and falling out. We will look at friendships and what it means to be a friend.


The children will begin weekly French lessons and will learn many words and phrases over the coming weeks. They will eventually be able to translate simple phrases and paragraphs from French to English and vice versa.

Secret website mission: Have a conversation in French with someone.

Learning French


The children will be moving onto exploring dance. We will use images and music to explore body movements. We will also look at moving rhythmically and creating dance routines.

Children MUST make sure they bring the appropriate P.E. kit.

Indoor: pumps, shorts, t-shirt.

Outdoor: (depending on weather) warm jumper, t-shirt, trousers, shorts, trainers – pumps are not suitable for outdoor sports.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on the e-mail below should you have anything to share or discuss.