Year 4

Class Page for Year 4 Summer 2018

On this page you can read news about Year 4 and find out what we are learning this term. You will also find links to other websites that will help you with your topic homework.

If parents or carers need to contact either of the Year 4 class teachers, please use our school emails in the first instance:

We will get back to you as soon as possible (but if the matter needs urgent attention it should be addressed to the school office instead).

English and Maths

EXCITING NEWS! We now have 23 Number Club teachers in Year 4. Not only that but we also have 18 children that can answer 99 mixed division and multiplication questions in less than 5 minutes - incredible! Well done to every single child in Year 4 as progress is impressive for all!

We're making great inroads into learning about fractions and decimals; the children are much more confident in this area and are also reasoning and problem solving with more independence and precision - well done and keep it up!

Next in Maths we shall take a break from number and look at the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals. Angles and time also feature in the Summer Term - get reading clocks (both analogue and digital!) to help with this.

In English we have just completed persuasive writing, where we have been looking at the good and bad features of zoos. We are now persuading tourists to visit an area in India (links with International Week) by writing our own travel guide.

Later this term we will be focusing on writing story settings based in Egypt where we will be putting our descriptive writing skills to the test using metaphors, similes and personification to name a few!

Nonsense poems also come up towards the end of term where we look at the work of Edward Lear to include the story 'The Pobble Who Has No Toes' and his vast array of limericks!

Science and Foundation Subjects

Our new Science topic is called What am I?, and covers the classification of living things into scientific groups. 

The links below will take you to useful websites. 

 Find out how living things are classified.

 Read about classification on this site from the BBC.

 Can you sort the living things into the correct groups?

 Answer the questions to sort the Deadly 60 creatures.


Use these links to research animals from the vertebrate group:

Amphibians -  

Birds - 

Fish - 

Mammals - 

Reptiles - 

How well do you know your vertebrates? Try the quizzes below:

Can you identify features of different vertebrate classes?


Use these links to research some of the invertebrate groups: 

Annelids - 

Arachnids - 

Insects -  Try the insects quiz here:

Molluscs - 

Myriapods - 

Answer the questions to identify some common invertebrates.

 Use this simple classification key to sort some invertebrates.

We shall be using Textease Branch to make our own classification keys as part of this term's Computing work.

Our Geography topic: Bishop's Tachbrook and Beyond...! is all about our local area. Below are links to websites that you may find useful.

 Play these games to practise your mapwork skills.

Visit Bing maps to view an Ordnance Survey Landranger map of Bishop's Tachbrook. (Type 'Bishop's Tachbrook' into the search box, then select Ordnance Survey from the drop-down menu.)

 View a gallery of Tachbrook photos past and present on our village website.

 Look at some old photos and old maps of the village on the Windows on Warwickshire website.

Click on this link to visit the website we made last term all about desert wildlife.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see pictures of us with our Y2 friends, testing out the Scratch games that we programmed to help them with their mental maths.